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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


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  • Unforgettable World Harmonica Festival 2005
  • Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    15th October, 2005 (Saturday)

    Suggestion for viewing: Since the photos were posted in chronlogical order, it would be best to view them from the bottom up, especially if you are going to read the narration.

    This Blog serves to document the HKHA Delegation's practice as part of the story for the World Harmonica Festival 2005 event, and 15th October was a good day for doing it since the composer of the music piece, Mr. Hui Cheung-wai, was going to visit us, listen to us play and give comments for improvement. The photos should better appear in the Delegation's Blog, but because I used Picasa to post them, which would be faster than using the vanilla Blogger method, the final decision was to do it in my own Blog.

    About 8pm

    A close-up shot of Louisa and LS. At this time, the camera runs out of battery, but it's also a good time to wrap up shooting.

    Full Concentration

    You can tell from our jestures that this is a very soft moment.

    A closer shot of Vincent

    The "Late Comer"

    Here you see Vincent in his seat. He just came back from the airport.

    Closer Inspection

    The orchestra tries again after Wai Gor's speech. We start with the reduced team playing because the pianist is temporarily absent.

    HP looks a little anxious.

    He puts us at ease when he speaks.

    Our Visitor

    If you don't get the correct answers in the previous questions, you must have counted the person sitting behind the bass players. Check it. He was not holding a harmonica. That was Wai Gor, the composer of We All Grew Up in Hong Kong. Our visitor arrived about 10 minutes ago. This shot is taken after we finish playing all pieces of the Suite in one go. Looks like he is hinting to us in which year he was born.

    The answer is 6.

    The answer is 6. Here you can see the reduced team playing while the rest listen attentively.

    The answer is 22. Try counting again for this photo.


    Pop Quiz: How many players (conductor) excluded can you count? You should include the one who is partially blocked and the one with just one leg in the photo.

    Monday, October 17, 2005

    Here you can see our team of bass players playing the big harps. Do you notice there are two types of bass harps?


    Now most of the senior orchestra is here. And you can see Johnny with his green T-shirt in the lower left hand corner, implying the junior band practice is over.

    Back to the music room. Seems like the reduced team is still ploughing their way through the music. Here you can see HP's elegant T-shirt designed for the 5th APHF that took place in Hong Kong in 2004.

    From this shot, you can probably identify the longer, 16-hole chromatic.

    Two treble players. Their harps have 12 holes.

    From the dim light coming through the window, you can tell the sun is setting.


    If I remember correctly, the boy in black T-shirt is our youngest member. Guess how old he is.

    And the three "Wind" instrument players.

    A clearer view of the 16-hole players.

    Pretty interesting line-up in the second deck. From left to right: Melodica, Pipe, Basso Mel., and a couple of 16-hole Chromatics.

    Johnny turning the page. Not bad, Tam Sir!

    While HP is busy working with us on the WAGUIHK piece, Johnny is doing the same with his Junior band on the IAPM piece.

    Cecilia with her chromatic

    Can you see my harp?

    Another shot of part of the reduced team.

    More members of the reduced team can be seen in this photo.

    This is a great shot of LS playing a full chord with his melodica. BTW, Tam Sir is the one shooting all the pictures in this room.

    About 5pm

    The reduced team started to practice two of the pieces in Wai Gor's WAGUIHK Suite. From the left: Myself, Tony and LB

    A closer look at Wesley the harpist and SL the pianist. This photo is a bit blurred due to the flash light purposely turned off in order not to affect them.

    At Music Room of KC - 4:45pm

    The scene changes to the KC music room, and we see three young men busy practicing (two with the chromatic, and the accompanying pianist), and the fourth watching.

    Five of us start practicing the Group competition piece. It's a pity that Ma Sir, our other member, is not in the picture with us.

    This is taken after I finished the noodles.

    David, LS and I discussed about scraping the reed to tune its note. LS showed his set of files and is now packing it back. Apparently, Tony and Vincent are discussing about the music scores.

    At Vincent's Home - 2:30pm

    David repairing Tony's CX12 as LS watches. Meanwhile Tony and Vincent chat about some other thing. In the front of the dinner table is a tray of noodles prepared as my lunch. Thank you, Vincent.